Legal Advisory & Drafting

Leagl Advisory & DraftingWide arrays of legal agreements/contracts/applications are drafted/ prepared by our
professionally qualified team.

  • Corporate and Company Law Advisory;
  • Advisory & consulting services to shareholders, entrepreneurs and business houses to defend and protect their legal and commercial rights;
  • Composition of Offences under section 621A of the Companies Act, 1956;
  • Involved in different kinds of financial restructuring, corporate restructuring and amalgamations, mergers acquisitions under Indian law.

Following are a few of the documents that our team drafts:

  • Share Purchase & Shareholders’ Agreement (SPSHA),
  • Joint Venture Agreements (JVA), Deed of Adherence and other related agreements & documents necessary for carrying on purposes of the SPSHA or JVA.
  • Foreign Collaboration Financial & Technical Agreements;
  • Labour Laws related Agreements (Employment Agreement);
  • Commercial Contracts including Service Contracts;
  • Employment document under Labour Laws;
  • Arbitration Agreements;
  • Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association of a company.
  • Scheme of Amalgamation, Application(s), Petition(s), and Report of Chairman of the meeting, Notice and various other documents related therewith.
  • LLP Agreements.
  • Petition(s) Affidavit(s), Power of Attorneys, Memorandum of Appearances, etc.
  • Application alongwith various other documents related therewith, under Oppression, Mismanagement and Class Action Suits.
  • IPR Licensing Agreement with related parties
  • Registration applications in respect of Patents Copyrights and Trademarks
  • Lease and License Agreements
  • Deeds:
  • • Partnership
  • • Sale
  • • Lease
  • • Mortgage and many more
  • Agreement for Sole Selling Agency

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